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    Flavour Forecast Round Up

    Flavour Forecast Round Up

    Created by a global team of McCormick experts—including chefs, culinary professionals, trend trackers and food technologists—the Flavour Forecast inspires culinary exploration and innovation around the world for years to come.

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  • 1. Global Blends on the Move

    1. Global Blends on the Move

    People of diverse heritages around the world are bringing different ethnic flavours together at the dinner table resulting in modern foods influenced by different cuisines. Shawarma Spice Blend – A Middle Eastern street food favourite made with cumin, cinnamon, black pepper and more. Japanese 7 Spice (Shichimi Togarashi) – A pungent combination of chilies, sesame, orange zest, nori and more.

  • 2. Liquid Revolution

    2. Liquid Revolution

    Fresh purees and juices blend with bold spices and herbs to intensify sauces, pastas, dressings and more - providing a fun, delicious way to enjoy an extra serving of fruits & veggies.

  • 3. Middle Eastern Mezze

    3. Middle Eastern Mezze

    The appreciation of healthful, fresh ingredients, coupled with our appetite for nibbling and sharing food, has fueled the Mezze trend. Common throughout the Middle East, Mezze consists of a number of small dishes of cheese, nuts, various salads and dips.These distinctive dips and spreads, packed with zesty herbs and seasonings, offer an approachable and delicious introduction to a vibrant global cuisine.

  • 4. Sour + Salt

    4. Sour + Salt

    Combining coarse salt with surprising sours like pickled ginger, sour cherry, dried mango and lemon zest results in a lively finishing flavour that lends brightness and texture to dishes.

  • 5. Smoked Spices

    5. Smoked Spices

    Rather than smoking an entire dish, adding smoked elements such as herbs, spices and seeds can create subtle, smoky notes, adding another layer of flavour. Smoking spices and herbs deepens their flavour and aroma, adding richness to meals and drinks.

  • 6. Cookies Reimagined

    6. Cookies Reimagined

    This trend gives a nod to our thirst for innovative desserts with a bit of nostalgia. The humble cookie is loved around the globe - everyone has their favourite - and we have a real thirst for new, emerging milks, including dairy alternatives and coconut milk. In this trend, classic spiced cookie flavours take new form in decadent, imaginative desserts that redefine “milk and cookies.”

  • 7. Flavour Worth the Wait!

    7. Flavor Worth the Wait!

    Slow-cooked dishes from around the world offer the comfort of time-honoured traditions while inviting you to explore new flavours. Lift the lid to discover the rich flavours from recipes around the world that meld aromatic spices and comforting ingredients into mouthwatering slow-cooked meals.

  • 8. Umami Veggies

    8. Umami Veggies

    One of the 5 basic tastes we experience when we eat, together with sweet, sour, salty and bitter, umami is the pleasant, lingering, savoury, ‘meaty’ sensation in your mouth that comes from the presence of glutamate. For a fresh way to savour the tempting “fifth taste,” look no further than naturally umami-rich veggies like mushrooms, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and nori.