Live Flavour: Here’s to a Healthier 2016!


From packing healthy snacks on the go to cutting back on sugar, many of us see the new year as a fresh, healthy start.

As many of us know, a complete overhaul of our diets can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve focused on simplifiying healthy eating solutions! If you’re looking to start 2016 on a healthier note, try one of these simple ideas!

3 in 1 Dressing
Out and about? Skip the unhealthy nibbles with this easy to pack snack!

Spice up your regular pita and veggies with a combination of two parts extra virgin olive oil and one part Billy Bee Honey Mustard. It can be used as a dip or even with sausages for weekend brunch!

Tri-flavoured Chicken
Add great flavour to lean protein with this nutritious and delicious trick!

Create a divider on your baking sheet using tin foil and place chicken in each divider. Use assorted McCormick Gourmet to spice each one. If you're planning to save your chicken for later, once cooked it can be frozen for up to one month in an air tight plastic bag.

Smoothie Boosts
Smoothies are an easy way to start your morning with a serving of fruits or veggies! Bonus: use Club House extracts to add flavour to a breakfast you can actually feel good about.

Add a boost of sweetness to your morning smoothie with ice cubes infused with a drop of Club House Pure Vanilla Extract. If you're feeling adventurous, Club House has a wide variety of extracts to inspire your blend.

Easy Flavoured Coffee
Say goodbye to coffee shop lattes. We’re drinking homemade brew and adding our own dash of flavour!

Be your own barista! Put a drop of two of your favourite Club House Extracts in your morning coffee for a flavourful morning burst.

Smokeless Smoked Salmon
Simple cooking and simple imgredients star in this delicious homemade delicacy.

Recreate Alisha Enid's recipe using two parts of your favourite Club House Sea Salt Grinder and McCormick Gourmet Black Pepper, combined with one part brown sugar. Cover your salmon in the salt/sugar combination, wrap in plastic and refrigerate for 24-30 hours to cure. The result is a smokey cured flavour that pairs beautifully with cream cheese and capers.


Need a little inspiration? We’re ready with a few suggestions.