Treat your BBQ right with the reverse sear


This summer, treat your grill right. Use the reverse sear and say goodbye to dry chicken!

Your BBQ: through thick and thin it’s always there for you, adding flavour and smokiness to your favourite meals. Now it’s time to give back. Show your BBQ how much you care by saying goodbye to dry chicken and hello to juicy goodness.

How? It’s all about the heat. Traditionally, we turn up the heat to lock in juices and lower the temperature for a slow cook. Not anymore! Rather than starting at high heat, preheat your BBQ to medium-low (275°F to 300°F/135°C to 150°C). Once the barbecue is preheated, turn off the burners on one side.

Start by selecting top quality chicken – such as grain-fed and Canadian farm raised Maple Leaf Prime Naturally® chicken breast. Slow cook on the unlit side for 30-35 minutes. Next, move the chicken to the lit side of the BBQ, brush with reserved marinade, like Club House La Grille Limited Edition Sweet Bourbon BBQ Sauce or our Montreal Dijon marinade, and turn up the heat until chicken is just charred!

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, the reverse sear is a surefire way to impress all of your guests this grilling season! With technique like this, your foodie friends are sure to come to you for all their grille wisdom needs. Get barbecuing!

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