Three Ways We’re Cooking for Quebec


Discover the flavours you love, the inspiration you crave, made especially for Quebec.

This year, Club House has introduced Quebec-inspired cooking innovations tailored specifically to the palates of this region. Our new Club House Gravies with La Grille Flavour and Club House Easy Preparations are infused with flavours French Canadians know and love. Discover ways to prepare your own savory cuisine below.

Club House Gravies with La Grille Flavour

A twist on tradition, our new line of gravies are infused with the delicious flavours of your favourite Club House La Grille Seasonings. With the tried and trusted blend of spices and herbs from the Montreal Steak Spice you love, we’re cooking up this infused brown gravy. The bold and familiar flavours will complement your next dish, while your palate still enjoys the iconic flavour of old Montreal.

Discover the complete line of gravies here.

Club House Easy Preparations

Use our new line of Club House Easy Preparations Seasoning Mixes to easily create a meal with incredible taste, like our flavourful ‘Maple Chicken’.  With only a fifteen-minute prep time, our Maple Chicken helps you make a sweet and savoury dish flavoured with real Quebec maple syrup, molasses and all spice.

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Club House Spaghetti Sauce Seasoning

What better way to enhance your favourite spaghetti sauce than with Club House Seasoning that comes in regular and spicy. Try the deliciously creamy and in-season flavours of Butternut Squash Alfredo Sauce with Ground Turkey, for a recipe that puts a twist on authentic Italian flavour. Sweet aromatic herbs and crushed red pepper make up the spicy blend, adding a boost of heat to your sauce. Turn up the heat of your next pasta dish with Arrabbiata Tomato Sauce.

Offering quality in the kitchen is what we love to do! With these new products and ingredients, we’re excited to bring authentic flavour to Quebec.

Need a little inspiration? We’re ready with a few suggestions.