Spring Cleaning for the Kitchen


Happy Spring Equinox! We’re celebrating spring with by refreshing our kitchen and our diet.

The smell of spring is in the air and in our kitchens too—but before we get carried away with Easter cooking and baking, here are 5 tips on spring cleaning your diet and your kitchen!

  1. Opt for gluten-free and low sodium recipe meals
    A turkey dinner wouldn’t be the same without gravy—but now you don’t have to choose! Club House offers everything from gluten-free gravies to gluten-free taco seasoning mix with 25% less salt, so you can feel good about enjoying your favourite meals.

  2. Substitute honey for processed sugar
    Processed sugar often sneaks into your diet—it can be found in most packaged foods, sauces and even bottled tea. If you’re looking to eat less processed sugars, why not start by swapping out sugar for honey in your baking. This recipe for Sweet Banana Bread is our go-to. For all the tips and tricks read more here.
  3. The Spice Rack Check
    Did you know that spices get less flavourful over time? The suggested shelf life of spices is 1-3 years for herbs, 2-4 years for ground spices, and 3-4 years for whole spices. We recommend checking your pantry for the best before date on spices regularly and replacing when needed. To test for freshness, there are three checks you should be practicing: look, smell and taste. Fading colours can represent flavour loss, where lack of fresh odour and taste mean your spices should be replaced.

    Want to help keep your spices at their best? We recommend storing spices away from hear and light, so avoiding over the stove cupboards is a good idea. When using your spices use measuring spoons to add them to recipes as opposed to pouring them over the steaming pot – keeping spices dry and away from hot steam is our cooking best practices!

  4. Clean Your Fridge
    Chances are some items in your fridge have expired without you realizing! When cleaning out your fridge, aside from checking drawers for produce and dairy products, complete an inventory check of best before dates on condiments and other bottled items, such as salad dressings and sauces. We recommend cleaning your refrigerator frequently to avoid bacteria buildup. Empty out the contents of your fridge into coolers and wipe down all of the shelving and surfaces.

  5. Clean Kitchen Appliances Though appliances like blenders, mixers and food processers should be cleaned after every use, it’s a good idea to give a deep clean to remove stubborn food residue. This also goes for larger appliances such as ovens, dishwashers and microwaves. Remember to always check the product guide for special instructions before cleaning appliances.

Spring Equinox is a time to welcome a new season full of promise and that also goes for our kitchens. With this guide to spring cleaning, we will be welcoming seasonal and fresh foods into a kitchen worthy of new flavours.

Need a little inspiration? We’re ready with a few suggestions.