Spicing up Your Spice Game


Three original additions to turn any meal from a journey into an adventure.

Some of the best flavour experiences come from an unexpected surprise. Whether it means biting into a perfectly grilled pork chop and finding a hint of brown sugar or sipping on a cocktail and discovering a new garnish, mixing up your everyday cooking routine can be as easy as a single spice addition.

Spicy Caesar Rim Seasoning

Take, for example, the Caesar. By now we all know what to expect: a rich tomato base with a hint of the ocean and a generous helping of spice. But what if we added the taste of the campfire? To do it, try adding a teaspoon of Club House Montreal Steak Spice Seasoning to your usual glass-rimming blend. Suddenly, a summer favourite becomes a summer sensation!

When meat is concerned, we’re always under pressure to cook it perfectly. Imagine what we could do if we focused on spicing it perfectly too? A little bit of sweetness goes a long way with pork, and it can happen with a dry rub of coarse salt and Club House Maple Bacon Seasoning. No applesauce needed!

You can’t forget the vegetables. What so frequently gets treated as a “do-we-have-to” can be turned easily into an “is-there-any-more” just by kicking up the flavour and the heat. Sauté green beans in olive oil and when they’re just right, toss in lemon juice, Club House Sea Salt and red pepper flakes. With a creative flair, even a side dish can become a main attraction.

The best advice to make experimentation with original spice combinations fun is just that: experiment! You’ll be surprised what you’ll find by trying the flavours you’d least expect, and your family will be surprised with what you can create.

Need a little inspiration? We’re ready with a few suggestions.