Shake Up The Daily Grind With Sea Salt


Discover how two of our favourite Canadian bloggers are using flavoured sea salt to add an extra punch to simple recipes.

Cooking alongside with bloggers, Alisha Enid and Whispered Inspirations, we’re delivering new ways to use Club House Sea Salt Grinders in the kitchen. Check out these innovative recipes for meals and snacks enhanced with the taste of flavoured sea salt.

Cured to perfection

Cured salmon can seem like a delicacy, but Alisha shares an easy recipe to bring this gourmet taste home. Using Smoked Sea Salt to cure the salmon, fresh west coast flavour can be enjoyed across the country! Yes, curing fish can take 24-30 hours, but with minimal prep work the results are worth the wait. Pair with cream cheese and capers, and enjoy! Get the full recipe here.

Mix up your medley 

Creating a BBQ rub is a simple way to add layers of flavour your meat. Great for chicken (and most meats), Whispered Inspirations’ South-western rub with Chipotle Sea Salt adds extra oomph to each bite. Combined with a collection of spices, chipotle sea salt brings the heat.

Gourmet popcorn with a spicy twist

Need a little sweet and salty in your life? Alisha Enid’s Candied Almond Chipotle Popcorn is the perfect way to add kick to a favourite snack. The flavour and crunch of roasted almonds, combined with sugar and chipotle, will make this your go-to recipe for movie night.

Flavourful kale

Who doesn’t love a quick and healthy snack? Whispered Inspiration suggests using your favourite flavoured Sea Salt Grinder to enhance the taste of kale chips. Dust chips with olive oil, grind your salt of choice, bake and bite!

Exploring new ways to enhance flavour in the kitchen is the fun of cooking! Using Club House Sea Salt Grinders is an easy way to enjoy some of your favourite foods, with a little added sophistication.

Need a little inspiration? We’re ready with a few suggestions.