School’s Out For Summer


The final bell has rung and we’re rounding up our top tips for keeping the kids busy and full with their favourite snacks.

Summer break has been the talk of the schoolyard for weeks and now it’s finally here! Both you and your kids are ready to get outside and make memories, not to mention enjoy the season’s best flavours. Here is our guide to making the most of summer.

Take it Outside

It’s no secret that kids want to be out in the backyard or running to the nearest park the second the weather gets nice. Plan outdoor activities that beat the heat, like an ice cream sundae party! Organize an ice cream bar with all of the ingredients to accompany crowd-pleasing favourites. Each child can top and sprinkle their ice cream to their heart’s content.

Shopping list:

*Don’t forget to check if any children attending the party have allergies!

Get crafty

There are many ways to get creative while enjoying some sunshine. Organize a treasure hunt in the backyard! If your little ones are animal lovers, set up a craft station and help them build a bird feeder out of a recycled milk carton. This will allow them to get creative while taking in the great outdoors.

Get crafty in the kitchen with a milk and cookies party that combines creativity with cuisine.

Be creative with snacks

Kids look forward to yummy summer treats, so get them excited about new foods by having them help out in the kitchen. These grilled chicken wings are perfect for a backyard lunch and you can serve a variety of dips using Club House BBQ sauces (also good for dipping veggies).

For a sweet creation, chocolate dipped raspberry marshmallows are unique and can be personalize when your little ones add Cake Mate Sugar Sprinkles or Décors– you can even make marshmallow pops on a stick!

Summer activities are all about being creative. Whether you focus on good old fun or food, you’ll be creating memories they’ll be bragging about when it’s time for back to school! 

Need a little inspiration? We’re ready with a few suggestions.