Must-Try Grilled Veggie Starters


Warning: these summer appetizers may steal the show at your next BBQ.

Summer means grilled dishes galore! Check out our top five favourite veggie appetizers to make every BBQ a flavourful feast.

1-       Create a mini fajitas station

Get hands-on with an appetizer station, complete with warm tortillas, grilled veggies and everyone’s favourite toppings. Guests will love creating their own fajita and you’ll spend less prep time in the kitchen and more time on the patio!

2-       Go for Portobello

Portobello mushrooms are our summer grilling favourites. Try this recipe, tossed with Bocconcini cheese, basil leaves and Club House Pasta Prima Salad Dressing Mix for a flavourful appetizer that’s a breeze to prepare.

3-       Be green  

Pile on the greens with the season’s freshest produce, for the most flavourful pre-dinner nibbles, try these tasty quesadillas with grilled asparagus.

4-       Get dipping!

If you’re looking for an easy starter, veggies and dip will get a unanimous vote. Add smoky flavour and a perfectly charred taste to this all-star appetizer by grilling your veggies first!

5-       Combine cultures

Bruschetta is an all-time favourite, and we’re putting a Mexican twist on this Italian classic. Add grilled corn – a summer BBQ must – for a modern take on pico de gallo!

Get the recipe here!

Appetizers set the stage for the entire meal, so remember to make the first act a flavourful sensation with the summer’s freshest produce! 

Need a little inspiration? We’re ready with a few suggestions.