In Season: Transitioning Meals into Spring


Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables is a simple way to transition out of heavier winter meals into fresh and light spring meals.

Springtime gives us the opportunity to shed our winter layers and winter recipes. We transition away from rich, warm foods we crave all winter into light and fresh seasonal produce. Canada is lucky to have a wide variety of produce to choose from—we’ll walk you through some of the most common seasonal produce and how you can implement these ingredients into your everyday cooking.

Go for greens

Arugula is a versatile vegetable—you can use it as an addition in sandwiches, on top of pizza and flat breads, or in a light salad such as arugula and peach salad. While it’s seasonal all year round, its flavour is most prevalent in the spring and fall, meaning you’ll get higher quality produce at a lower price!

Berries on top

Strawberries are a seasonal fruit packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. They can be a great addition to a fresh salad or, if you have a sweet tooth, the perfect pairing to Greek yogurt and honey for a healthy dessert! For an indulgent but nutritious breakfast, try this strawberry breakfast loaf to start the day, you won’t regret it.

Opt for seasonal produce

Using spring produce is also the perfect way to mix up your favourite recipes. Crowd-pleasers like this quesadilla made with in-season mushrooms and asparagus put the perfect twist on a meal you enjoy all year round. Adding fresh vegetables to any recipe is the easiest way to create lighter meals packed full of flavour. 

When the sun begins to make a regular appearance and the snow melts away, the heavier foods we enjoy during the winter go with it. Using seasonal produce is a simple way to enjoy the best that spring has to offer!


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