Cooking with Summer's Best Produce


Want to add seasonal produce to your dish? Discover three ways to add fresh flavour to every plate!

For foodies all across Canada, summertime means enjoying fresh and locally grown produce and seasonal meals we’ve been waiting for all winter long. But everyone has a different style when it comes to their summer cooking style. What’s yours?

The Novice Seasonal Cook 

You have mastered a selection of recipes and you know you can count on them to turn out perfectly every time. What about sprucing up old favourites by adding fresh in-season produce? For an easy way to incorporate seasonal fruits, simply add a garnish to your signature dish! These easy mini cheesecakes are topped with assorted berries and fruit –adding fresh flavour and not to mention, an eye-catching burst of colour to a class baked good!

Savvy Summer Baker

For you, summer means incorporating fresh fruits into all of your baking favourites, from berry bursting loaves to peachy upside down cakes. You’re an expert when it comes to adapting staple recipes to every season. All you need are solid basics, like this signature pie crust, with Club House Ground Cinnamon and the rest is up to you!

Go one step further and incorporate seasonal produce the next time you host brunch. Red velvet pancakes, anyone? Add fresh fruit, like berries and peaches, and drizzle some honey to top it all off.

The Farmer’s Market Expert 

Do you know everything available at your local farmer’s market because you’re there every weekend? Do people know you by name and you know the produce they stock by heart? Sounds like you’re a farmer’s market expert.

You love cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables and you plan your meals according to what’s in season. July is prime radish season – the sharp taste perfectly complements sweet mango in this pickled mango relish slaw. Use this slaw to top fish tacos or as a side to a fresh lobster roll.

Have you pinpointed your summer cooking style? Whether you prefer to throw dinner on the grill or whip up something sweet for brunch, summer is all about making the most of fresh and local fruits and vegetables. Keep checking in as we share bright and seasonal recipes all summer long! 

Need a little inspiration? We’re ready with a few suggestions.