4 Ways to #JustCook with Herbs and Spices


Just Cook is (re)introducing Canadians to the next best restaurant – their very own kitchen.

For many, eating in can mean picking up takeout or warming up a frozen meal, but it doesn’t have to be – cooking for yourself is fun and simple. #JustCook inspires a growing generation of busy foodies, like you, to reclaim and re-discover cooking and the concept of eating it.

Every at-home chef knows that the first step to being inspired in the kitchen starts with quality ingredients. From fresh herbs and spices to inspiring and approachable recipes, let’s cook for our family, for our friends and for ourselves with these four brand new recipes from Club House.

Lentil Salad on Toast

Brunch – it’s a key moment of your weekend, but why spend your morning in line when you can whip up a modern toast of your own. Invite your friends over, turn on the coffee, and serve this delicious toast with a simple lentil salad topping. The accent of yogurt combined with basil and freshly ground sea salt brings the flavour to the next level.

Piri Piri Sweet Potato Stack

In our humble opinion, sweet potatoes are king when it comes to root vegetables. This elegant side dish layers the rich heat of Piri Piri with the starchy sweetness of the potato. The stacked recipe allows for creativity in the kitchen and is totally Instagram worthy. Imagine this side being served alongside roast chicken or even gourmet filet mignon. Yes, the next best restaurant in town – your kitchen – does indeed serve a fine filet!

One Pan Mediterranean Chicken Dinner

Single dish meals are trendy with stay-home foodies for good reason, they’re easy to prep, combine tons of flavour in one place and mean fewer dishes to clean! Eat in and impress your friends with this Mediterranean meal, but be sure to save some leftovers for yourself; this makes the most delicious Greek-style wraps the next day.

Chocolate Puffed Squares

That new organic bakery around the corner? We bet you can make it better at home. These no-bake organic squares take less than 20 minutes to make, just another reason to eat in (at your personal and local bakery) and enjoy the comforts of home.

#JustCook is here to help you (re)discover the next best restaurant – your very own kitchen. For the ingredients, inspiration and all the tips you need to cook for yourself and your food-loving crew:

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