Winter Foods: What’s Trending this Season


Create warmth and enjoy decadence this season with these winter recipes.

Though spring seems to be fast approaching, winter’s grip still has a firm hold on Canadians. Thankfully, this season provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy and indulge in the decadent foods we stray from during the spring and summer.

During the winter months we crave warm, rich foods that help us forget about the plunging temperatures outdoors. When the frost comes chasing, we turn to braising as one of the best ways to achieve flavour depth. Allowing vegetables and meat to simmer in a spiced sauce delivers a tender, flavourful meal every time. Recipes like our braised short ribs make for a perfect winter meal, especially when paired with seasonal potatoes.

If you prefer to eat local year-round, don’t let the snow and ice fool you! There are many available vegetables and fruits in season throughout winter. Apples and rhubarb are Canadian winter staples (did someone say pie?), while carrots, cabbage, beets, parsnips and squash are seasonal veggies. You can even try braising winter vegetables with honey braised carrots. For a lighter, no-butter option, we love steaming carrots, parsnips and broccoli and topping with our favourite spices. It’s both light, flavourful, and works with our “eat healthier” resolution.

We can’t talk about winter cooking and baking without mentioning warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom. These versatile spices work for a variety of recipes—from breakfast through to dinner, a main course, side dish or dessert. Cloves and cinnamon work well together in these spiced chocolate macaroons and provide a perfect pairing for hot cocoa. Spices can also be a great way to switch up a traditional recipe like this apple cardamom cheesecake.

Is your mouth watering yet? Embrace warm, rich recipes this winter. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean our appetites, stomachs and ovens have to be. Bon appetit!

Need a little inspiration? We’re ready with a few suggestions.