The Renewed Taste of Liquid Confidence


Test your liquid confidence by accenting spice shrimp with nutrient-rich purée for a night of bold flavour.

Across Canada, the temperature has dipped below zero and everyone is craving comfort food with savoury flavours that will heat from the inside out. That’s why we’re escaping dull, bland homecooked meals and blending up bold flavour; combined together with fresh purées and juices seasonings jazz up any dish with a zesty twist.

Introducting the liquid revolution. A new trend we’re seeing that’s mixing vibrant signature ingredients, drizzled over fresh wild fish, succulent roasts and softly steamed vegetables. Originally derived from the Latin word salsa, the history of liquid gusto can be traced from the salty beginnings of Ancient Greece to 20th century French cuisine, paired with rich Foie gras or slow-cooked Coq au vin jaune. Stepping away from rich cream-based sauces and gravies, these juicy options provide nutrients and a full serving of vegetables or fruits. Served warm or cold, these historically bold spices and herbs will soak any main course into a satisfying mouthful of tantilizing textures.

Need a little inspiration? We’re ready with a few suggestions.