Perfect This BBQ Technique: Reverse Sear


We’re sharing our Grille Wisdom on the reverse sear, for tender and delicious chicken.

Dry chicken is a thing of the past thanks to this tried-and-true technique: the reverse sear. Tradition tells us to first turn up the heat immediately to lock in juices and keep meat tender and then lower the temperature for a slow cook. Well, move over tradition, there’s a new kid in town.

Enter the reverse sear. Rather than starting at high heat, preheat the BBQ to medium-low (275°F to 300°F/135°C to 150°C). Once you’ve preheated the entire BBQ, using all burners, turn off the burners on one side. Start by slow-cooking the chicken on the unlit side for 30-35 minutes. Next, move the chicken to the lit side of the barbecue, brush with reserved marinade – we love the Montreal Dijon marinated chicken recipe – and turn the lit side to high heat. Aim for a crispy char, proving to guests you’re the ultimate griller!

The reverse sear is a piece of Grille Wisdom that we’ll be sharing with our fellow BBQ masters all season. The result? Perfectly cooked meat that’s tender on the inside with a nice crisp finish. Try it out at your next barbeque and impress your guests with perfectly tender chicken. But be careful, do it well enough and you could be manning the grill for the rest of the summer! 


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