Now Trending: Smoked Spices


Some of our favourite seasonings are getting a new look this year, as spices take a turn to the smoky side.

History will tell you that spices have evolved through time – from medicine to menus, the vibrantly fragrant ingredient knows how to stay relevant. As a flavour to watch, smoked spices are trending in modern gastronomy, adding subtle depth to familiar food and drink.

As a primary flavour creator in many dishes, herbs and spices were traditionally traded as medicinal products. While nutmeg was the of-the-moment spice in the 1500s, as doted as a miracle cure to the plague, the ingredient has evolved into a go-to component in baking and everyone’s beloved holiday beverage – eggnog!

We’re adding touches of the smoky aroma to our most-loved seasonings. Paprika, cinnamon, rosemary and even Montreal Steak Spice gain complexity from woods like hickory, cherry and apple wood. With such a strong essence, it’s not necessary to overwhelm beverages and meals with the smokiness, but rather to add subtle notes that complement other ingredients in the recipe. The Spiced Apple Cider is warm and spicy, and the perfect way to celebrate this modern-take on our favourite spice.

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