Innovative Flavour Trends in 2016


Get cooking with these six trends, featuring recipes from Masala Mommas and The Kitchen Magpie!

McCormick’s 2016 Flavour Forecast is all about innovative flavours that shape culinary exploration. Inspired by this year’s food trends, these recipes will have you exploring exciting and unique flavours in the kitchen!

Indian-Chinese Style Fried Rice and Quinoa with Tamarind Sauce

Zesty and savoury, this fusion dish is packed with heat and tang, one of our top trends for 2016. Black pepper and cayenne pepper combine to give this dish a balanced and harmonious warmth with each bite!

Amaranth Vegetable Soup

Modern meets traditional ingredients with the Ancestral Flavours in this soup. Rich in protein with an earthy, nutty flavour, this hearty soup is a go-to this winter.

Yellow Split Lentil Pancakes (Cheela) with Cilantro and Mint Chutney

2016 is the year of the pulse. Packed with protein, the earthy flavour of pulses are elevated when paired with sweet or savoury flavours.  Lentils are a key ingredient, and a moong daal crepe is a great way to explore new culinary techniques and flavours!

Smoky Whisky Sour

Classic culinary techniques provide inspiration for these tasty liquid libations. Infused with a smoky flavour, this twist on a classic cocktail tastes even better than it looks!

Mango Kulfi/Ice Cream

Feeling adventurous? Take a culinary trip with this tropical Asian-inspired Kulfi. A fusion of tropical mango, cardamom and vanilla create a unique twist on this traditional South Asian dessert!

Chocolate Raspberry Refrigerator Oatmeal

The blends with benefits trend, is one that can be incorporated in every meal, even breakfast! Refrigerator oatmeal is the perfect recipe to bring depth with spice blends – not only is it delicious with cocoa hints, but also a great make-ahead option for busy mornings.

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