Cut the Time, Not the Flavour


Fall comfort meals with skillet sauces are easy as tear, pour and enjoy.

Every year, it seems like September comes without warning. As the kids prepare to go back to school, our busy schedules lead to weeknight meals that we often whip up with little time. As food lovers, we never want to sacrifice great taste, that’s why we love the new Club House Skillet Sauce range.

Made with unique combinations of Club House herbs and spices, skillet sauces add a flavourful twist to many of our kitchens’ most adored recipes.  Just add the skillet sauce to your choice of meat and vegetables and dinner is served. Flavourful pouches that deliver mouth-watering meals in under 30 minutes, don’t mind if we do!

In the mood for Mexican? Try Club House Skillet Sauce Fajitas with Chili Sauce, it is quick and easy enough to cook at the end of a long day and will satisfy taste buds. Simply sautée peppers, onions and your favourite protein, then stir the skillet sauce and scoop into warm tortillas. We weren’t kidding when we said that it’s as easy as tear, pour and enjoy. Another Mexican favourite is tacos – these can be served up quickly using the Club House Skillet Sauce Tacos with Chipotle Sauce, we love these for dinners that the whole family will enjoy.

Asian flavours are also featured with Club House Skillet Sauce Sesame Chicken Stir-fry Sauce. By combining this recipe mix with beef strips and broccoli, you can enjoy a classic Asian-inspired meal. Staying true to Club House’s authentic flavours and unique spice combinations, these convenient recipes mixes won’t disappoint your palate.

With fast and convenient recipes trending this year, we’re all about exploring different flavours with Club House Skillet Sauces. If the colder weather is keeping you indoors tonight, try the taste of smoked goodness with the crowd-pleasing Club House Skillet Sauce BBQ Chicken with Applewood Flavour and Bacon. Get the taste of BBQ with the simplicity of a meal in under 30 minutes! With a speedy prep and cook time, you’ll have even more time to appreciate your evening.

Weeknight meals don’t have to be boring. With quick and convenient recipes that highlight Club House’s true herb and spice library, cooking during the week can still be delicious – and you might even have a little extra time for yourself.

Need a little inspiration? We’re ready with a few suggestions.