5 Brunch Recipes to Celebrate Spring Equinox


Every year we count down to spring, a season with so much promise, both outdoors and indoors, in our kitchens!

Spring is a time when we love to use fresh ingredients to create meals that feel wholesome and healthy! To celebrate the first day of the season a brunch is the perfect occasion. Cheers to spring, with a bubbly mimosa, and get cooking with our top five brunch recipes.

Spiced Chocolate Raspberry Refrigerator Oatmeal
Spiced Chocolate Raspberry Refrigerator Oatmeal

When hosting a brunch, the best recipes are those you can make ahead of time. This oatmeal is simple and nutritious, while featuring a turmeric, cinnamon, cocoa and nutmeg blend. Create personalized portion sizes for your guests and take out the fridge once they have arrived.

Grilled Egg in Toast

Come spring, we’re also counting down to full-on summer BBQ season, but why not start early? By barbecuing this dish on a cedar plank, the egg and bread absorb a delicious smoky flavour. Trust us, your entire neighbourhood will be wishing they had an invite to this a.m. BBQ.

Hot Honey Buns

Accompany traditional bacon and eggs with hot cross buns! These are perfect as a gluten-free option; don’t worry, these still bring the classic hot bun flavour, with an added, natural taste of honey.

Blueberry Jam

The topper to your delicious and homemade brunch menu? Freshly made blueberry jam of course. This recipe is quick and easy, and will certainly impress, especially when paired with those hot honey buns.

Cinnamon-Apple Bacon Brunch Bake

There’s no such thing as brunch without bacon. This casserole combines the decadent flavours of apple, bacon, maple syrup, roasted cinnamon, and vanilla to create a baked dish big enough to serve the entire breakfast table.

Kick off the first day of spring in with your family and friends, just as the day starts off. Brunch is the perfect transitional meal to celebrate the new season ahead!


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