Celebrate Life's Simple Pleasures on Pi Day


A twist on a classic makes your Pi Day celebration even sweeter.

What does March 14th mean to you? If you’re mathematically inclined, you might recognize Pi Day as the annual celebration commemorating the mathematical constant π (Pi). However, if you’re baking-inclined like us, you will recognize this day as a celebration where you can eat pie all day long, guilt-free. Regardless of why you celebrate, Pi Day is now a cultural phenomenon. Originally celebrated in San Francisco in the late 1980s it was even formally recognized by the United States House of Representatives in 2009.

So what’s better than celebrating pi with pie? We can’t think of a single thing so that’s why we’re celebrating Pi Day in style. Not to mention, a slice of pie is one of life’s simple pleasures. Nothing is more comforting than a warm piece of your favourite pie, topped with melting vanilla ice cream. Or a savoury and succulent meat tourtière topped with thick, creamy gravy; it’s part of our French heritage, after all. How can we not indulge?

Now here’s the hard part - are you in the mood for apple, pumpkin, cherry, or pecan, or maybe a twist on your favourite recipe?

If you answered apple, you’re in luck because we’ve put a spin on this classic dish. Get creative and add some crumble to your next apple pie to make it a streusel instead. We love how the spicy-sweet taste of cinnamon and nutmeg can transform such familiar flavours. Mixed with tender cooked-to-perfection apples, this pie will have you wanting seconds before you’re even finished your first.

If it’s something light and sweet you’re looking for, this mixed berry pie will hit the spot. Blueberries, raspberries and a dash of cinnamon make for a filling so light and delectable, nothing else can compare. Celebrating Pi Day with friends? We love the idea of baking up these field berry hand pies and sharing them with our fellow pastry lovers.

In our opinion, a day focused on mathematics should highlight the scientific and calculated skill of baking. After all, the pie crust is often the trickiest of all kitchen recipes!


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